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03Mar 2024 Tutti Quanti Orchester + KNM Campus Ensemble

Climbing Frame - Jonathan Harvey

Dead Cat Bounce - Stephen Montague

Sounds of the Day - Naomi McGillivray


Sneaky Petes

09Dec 2023 The Ilfords.

Support for The Ilfords with Beth Miller and Archie Duffield.

KNM Campus Days

11Nov 2023 Klangwerkstatt Berlin - Festival für Neue Musik

World premiere of 'Sounds of the Day' by the KNM Campus Ensemble.

In Chemical Transit

30 June 2023 St Vincent's Chapel, Edinburgh, EH3 6SW

World premiere of All Men Unto Me's debut album 'In Chemical Transit'.

Rylan Gleave - voice

Simone Seales - cello

Ed Cohen - piano

Naomi McGillivray - percussion

Ollie Hawker - electronics

Scott McLean - sound tech.

Supported by Chamber Music Scotland.

Bon Accord Brass Band's 60th Anniversary Gala Concert

18 June 2023 Tivoli Theatre, Guild St, Aberdeen, AB11 6NB

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