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Naomi McGillivray

Composer | Percussionist | Arranger | Community Musician 



Naomi McGillivray is an award winning Scottish composer and percussionist from Aberdeenshire and is based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Passionate for investigating the connection between shape, colour, movement and sound through contemporary classical music, Naomi has worked with young people of all ages and abilities to share the experience of learning and playing music.

Her music was recently awarded 'First Prize' by the Berlin-based KNM Campus Ensemble and CoMA in the 'Composing for all and by all' competition.

Naomi was kindly a recipient of the Francis Chagrin award in January 2023 by Sound and Music UK.

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"Particularly impressive is Naomi's capacity to work with other musicians, including managing practical projects that involve directing ensembles, leading workshops and recording sessions, as a means of developing her new pieces."
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